Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Holy Vocabulary Batman!

In the spring, hot off a great run ad spinning class after work I decided my body needed a little refueling. So naturally I went to my favorite Chinese take-out place. Crab Rangoons - does a body good.

I called ahead (yeah - China Town is on speed dial - so sue me) so I could just swing in, pick up the goods and get home to chow down. The beautiful irony of this situation, aside from the fact that I went from killer work out directly to the Chinese take-out place, is that I was in spandex and a beater. Who wants to see a chick in spandex shovel food into her mouth? Right.

So I walk up to the counter, taking quick inventory of the only two other people in the closet sized space. One gigantic brother, sitting down waiting for his food to be ready and one guy in a satin jacket, plastic aviator eyeglasses and a Nascar hat that would do Pennsyltucky residents proud.

"Work out?" The sweet girl behind the counter said while doing a weird Nordic Track movement.

"Yup." And now I'm going to eat my weight in chicken fried rice, thanks.

"Lose any weight?"

Uhhh - why couldn't she just have asked "Why are you single?"

"Hah - not when I'm eating like this!"

"Hmph." Uh oh big man in the chair was preparing to enter the convo. "You been workin' out?"

"Yes, I just came from the gym," my eyes darted to Nascar nation. He gave me a "yeah that guys a weirdo" look.

"Well," he blared loud enough for everyone walking on Houston to hear, "I think you look great."

"Thank you."

"NO! No - I take it back." Thanks dude. "You look - extraordinary. Don't she look extraordinary?"

Nascar pipes up, "Yes, I think you look wonderful."

I was knocking 'em out of the park. I had finally found my demo, "Well thank you very much."

"Yes, extra-ordinary," chair-man said, sounding like maybe he meant I was just super ordinary looking. "See? I got big fancy words too. Extraordinary. Fancy word for a fancy girl."

Yes, sir. You're a true poet laureate. No diggity no doubt.

Word to the wise: don't pig out on crappy food after a work out, or you'll be put through some similar awkward situation sooner or later.


Anonymous said...

Words from the wise! I love it!

AKA said...

extra- ordinary- love it