Friday, February 6, 2009

Complete: He's Just Not...

That into you.

This has been a mantra for women for the past few years - ever since some dude "liberated" us with a book by the same name. Today, the message leaves print and explodes on the big screen.

I know people who live and die by this book and people who think it's malarkey. I'm kinda on the fence.

On one hand, we've got to admit that us ladies can make excuses for everything. We can literally explain away anything - it's a blessing and a curse. A lot of us do need to take more time to reflect on situations involving guys. If he hasn't called you in three weeks and you met once, he PROBABLY isn't that into you. But your friends will be loyal to a "t" and tell you he might have lost your number, or gotten back with his girlfriend, or lost his phone or was busy working on his acceptance speech for the Nobel Prize he is receiving for creating a cure for cancer.

On the other hand - listen - guys are insecure weirdos too. They get nervous, act like idiots and chicken out.

Now that this movie is out, all I know is this: I hope we don't collapse under our own pressure and lose faith completely.

There are great guys out there...and hey - if you want to be set up with any of the ones I've blogged about - I'm happy to play matchmaker!

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Anonymous said...

"awww" this is a CUTE post! I love your positivity!

How about your moms Bob who killed someone.... can I have him?