Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New Categories

Keeping up with the latest news is an occupational hazard of mine. Sometimes, however, it pays off. Take for example, this doozie I stumbled upon from US News & World Report.

This isn't exactly US Weekly, but for those of you who need to draw a parallel - think of it as Stars are Just Like Us: they fit into one of four categories of women.

Forget trying to peg your posse as Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte or Samantha; the real way to i.d. yourself (and your friends) is by deciphering who is the Explorer, Builder, Director or Negotiator. These are the four "types" of women, as explained by Helen Fisher, professor at Rutgers.

The Professor explains that any individual woman can be a mix of these, but there will be one dominant character.

As reported by Deborah Kotz, here are descriptors of each:
  • The Explorer: driven by the "excitement" brain chemical dopamine and seeks out novelty, adventure, and spontaneity;
  • The Builder: runs on the "soothing" brain chemical serotonin and tends to be calm, social, and orderly;
  • The Director: fueled by the "male" hormone testosterone and is analytical, logical, focused, and tough-minded; and
  • The Negotiator: guided by the "female" hormone estrogen to be verbal, imaginative, and compassionate.
I thought this was really interesting. I think I'm a Director (with the others mixed in), but only because my friends and I have identified that I have "girl brain" and "boy brain."

I'd love to hear what category people think they fall into and why!

Which of these is the "Carrie" - you know, the one everyone claims to be, but really not everyone possibly can be.

Use the link above to check out the whole article. And holla with your category...


Anonymous said...

I don't know, I think, like the gals of SATC, I fall somewhere in between Explorer and Negotiator.

Cheese, I think you are most parts director, with some builder/negotiator.

Love it!

Cheese said...

Just did the test myself: Mostly Negotiator with a little Explorer mixed in for good measure.

Negotiator: 30%
Explorer: 27%
Builder: 21%
Director: 20%

My best match in a guy is a Director!

AKA said...

You def. are negotiator with a dab of negotiator