Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Vivaaaa Las Vegas

I recently returned from my first trip to Las Vegas. It wasn't exactly your traditional trip - there was nothing that happened in Vegas that needed to stay in Vegas.

1) Travel companion: my dad
2) Weather: cold
3) Gambling: one night at the Black Jack table
4) Clubbing: none

Now, this wouldn't be a relevant post if there wasn't something to say about dating/singledom/etc.

First, I know "Virginia is for lovers," but Vegas is too. This fun little fact made traveling with Dad a little awkward. We were asked if we wanted to "spice things up," have a "romantic, unforgettable evening," and "make things as hot as they were on our honeymoon." No. No I don't want to spice things up in an impassioned unforgettable evening with my DAD. Thanks though.

I think, truly, those were the most uncomfortable moments in my life. Thanks, Las Vegas.

Second, we had a day at the spa (which of course, because neither of us actually uses our brain, was on Saturday - Valentine's Day). After clearing up why we were not interested in a couples massage, we booked our appointments. I chose this very complex sounding thing that involved electrodes - not your average Swedish Massage.

Before getting my treatment, I went to the gym, got a 4 mile run under my belt, sat in the steam room and the hot tub and took a shower. Rough, right? In the waiting room, I took the form I had to fill out and quickly realized this might not be the treatment for me. At the end of the piece of paper was a warning for what people should not have the treatment. Of the few things listed, I could tick off two: IUD and skin problems (aka hives that attack for no apparent reason).

I spoke to the woman who would be torturing/relaxing me, asking her what reason there was for the complication. She explained I would basically be electrocuted from the electrodes working against my copper IUD and that the pressure and allergy triggers were "fierce." OK Tyra.

I was told that in an hour I could have a similar treatment that would not be life threatening. I signed up...


Anonymous said...

I cant believe you went to Vegas without me!

SmallbutMighty said...

I'm going to Florida with my Dad next weekend. I'm looking forward to the awkward moments that await when I a grown woman decides to take a trip with her father.

Diet Starts Tomorrow said...

whoa whoa whoa. 4 mile run? im impressed.