Friday, February 13, 2009

We Met

For any of you who are daring enough to be meeting people the same way, it would seem obvious that you should have a contingency plan when someone asks, "How did you two meet?"

In fact, my dating headline was "For the record, we met at a bar or the gym or wherever. I'm not above making something up." Clever? I'd like to think so.

A few weeks ago I was out on date number whatever with a guy I guess you could say I've been "seeing." We went to Bleeker Bar to shoot some pool and met up with two of his friends/co-workers.

Every girl knows the importance of impressing the friends and getting along with them - so I wore my terrible pool skills on my sleeve, talked about things we were mutually interested in (Boston, being realtively new to New York) and crossed my fingers.

Before I knew it, I was being told "You're so great! Why is it you're not around more often? Hey - buddy - this chick should be haning out with us all the time!" and "You know what? I'm having a party tomorrow in Williamsburg, you should totally come - even if he can't!"

I was feeling high and mighty and fabulous and funny and engaging and everything.


"So how did you two meet anyway?"


My eyes bolted to my date (one of the few guys who doesn't really have a nickname), who was completely engrossed in his shot and completely unaware of my inability to make something up on the spot.

We'd never come up with our "meeting" story.


"Oh, I'm sorry, what?" Please please please say you forgot what you asked me two seconds ago.

"I was wondering how you guys met." Shit.

"Ooh. Yeah. Well, you know. We just...met. Yeah, we met."

"Cool," he was trying to process it. "So you just like, met?"

"Yeah pretty much. You know, same old story." Riiiight, you know, I have no idea what I'm talking about.

By this time, my dude had taken his shot and was rejoining the conversation.

"What are you guys talking about?"

"Oh, she was just telling us how you guys met."

"Oh yeah?"

"Yeah," my mouth responded, while my face screamed I'm fucked! Help!

"You can't remember the name of the bar, can you?" Genius move.

"No I never can!" I laughed, relieved that we may actually dodge the .com dating bullet.

Then turning to his friend, the questionaire, he said, "Ha, nah man. We didn't meet at a bar. We met online! Hah everyone's doing it now."

His friend cracked up then proceeded to tell us about some "pathetic" guy he know who was online dating.

We dodged the bullet - miraculously.

So today's lesson: when blind dating, allllllways have a plan of attack - gotta get your lies straight before you can tell them to potential new friends.

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Anonymous said...

we met at jury duty?

at the top of the Empire State Building?

On the Staten Island Ferry?

Running the Boston marathon?