Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Blue Aluminum Part 2

So Model and I set a date. We decided to meet on a Sunday afternoon at Starbucks near Canal Street. Now, I don't drink coffee - but I'm not at all opposed to coffee-dates.

I took my time walking over from my apartment in Alphabet City. What was supposed to be a leisurely stroll quickly became a lesson in directing someone around Manhattan. Model texted every minute or two asking which subway line he should take and ok, when he gets out, where should he go? and how many blocks away is the Starbucks? and is there another stop that's closer? and what color is that line?

Hi, I'm HopStop. Nice to meet you.

I got to the Starbucks early and received an "I'm so sorry, I'm going to be late" text. No biggie - plenty of "shopping" to do.

Then another text message - 30 minutes later.

I feel terrible - I'm not going to make it.

It's OK. We can do it another time. (You could have saved me the walk, the directions and the coffee smell.)

Let me just say it involves SERIOUS drugs - my ex-girlfriend is in trouble.

Whatever. OK. Let me know when you can get together another time.

That night he called, apologized profusely and we decided we'd meet on Wednesday. Oh - and the ex-girlfriend? She was threatening to do coke...yeah.

So Wednesday came and it was 4:30 pm before I remembered I had a date. Gap cableknit sweater that I accidentally shrunk? Check. Forget to wear make-up? Check. Unbrushed hair? Check. Horrifying day and even more horrifying mood? Check, check. Date with guy that stood me up due to ex girlfriend drug threats? Check. Date location in the same building as my office - increasing the odds of co-worker spying? Check.

It was going to be a good date.

He was off to Long Island after our date to work a party, so he warned me he'd be in his monkey suit. I interpreted "monkey suit" to mean a) literally a monkey costume or b) he was a confused kid from Maine and meant to say penguin suit. I was wrong on both counts.

He was wearing pleated black pants, a black belt with a silver cap at the end, black Dr. Marten's and a black t-shirt. He was holding a black button down.

"Oh I'm so embarassed to be in this monkey suit - you look cute!" he oozed.

I laughed uncomfortably, "I don't think it looks like a monkey suit."

We walked into Juan Valdez Times Square, where I was not going to be ordering coffee. 79 cent Chammomile Tea - represent! As we got closer to the cashier, where we'd be ordering, Model let a little distance slide.

Is he seriously not going to cough up 79 cents?

Yes. He seriously did not cough up the 79 cents. It being the 21st Century and all, I let it go.

He ordered a coffee and we found a table near the window.


Anonymous said...

monkey suit = guy will be bananas

Divino said...


maybe he was going to an old school party