Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What do you think?

To be in a couple, do you have to put your single self on a shelf?
Asked by Carrie Bradshaw


Anonymous said...

Interesting... what the heck do we know???

To answer I have to ask, what are some of the qualities of "singledom?"
1. Being able to spend time all your time with great friends.
2. Going where you want when you want.
3. Gaining practice and learning lessons from the perpetual dating scene.
4. Discovering what it is you find important.
5. Learning to be with and love yourself.

I think that you can not forget what you learned from dating and being single, but can not (and might not want to) maintain the same lifestyle.


SmallbutMighty said...

I think it depends on the relationship. A fulfilling relationship means that the person you're with lets you be your best self. For a relationship to really work you shouldn't be with the person you can live, you have to be with the person you can't live without.

Elizabeth said...

The answer is yes. You put your single self on the shelf. 100%. (can you tell I miss it) That said, I think those that do, have been through enough bad/good/scary dates that they get the official rite of passage to hang it up for a while in order to fall head first in love. But have no fear, there's a shelf life to everything...and your man and your friends will still love your old expired ass. ;) Just a thought...