Thursday, August 20, 2009

Penance Part 2

Ah yes, "that blue eyes." My heart skipped a beat. Or was that a palpitation?

I decided to make lemonade out of lemons. This was a perfect opportunity for me to try being more direct. Far too often, I make up excuses for not being able to go out if I'm not interested. And that wastes everyone's time.

So I gave the direct approach a try. Here's how it went down.


Seandian (leaving it to you to figure out the nickname) (10:40 am): I want that blue eyes and an "Irish kiss"

My eyes are green.

Me (12:28 pm): I'm really sorry but I think the other night was a mistake and we shouldn't see each other.

Seandian (12:45 pm): Stp worryin 2much. This is recession time. What time can we meet upfor couple of drinks tonite

a) are you too lazy to use "space" and type one extra letter to spell things correctly? b) do you assume I can't afford to buy my own drinks or do you have my purse - and wallet and Chronicles of Narnia c) maybe I need to try the direct approach again...

Me (12:47 pm): I'm sorry I can't.

Seandian (12:48 pm): U want me more than I want u

OK, then it shouldn't be difficult for you to stop texting me.

Me (12:50 pm): I'm sorry I don't think we should get together.

Seandian (12:51 pm): I am drivin ..text. u later

Me (12:52 pm): please don't worry about getting back in touch.

Seandian (12:55 pm): Che.....e se..

Well, the equivalent, but he called me by my actual name.

I didn't respond.

Seandian (9:41 pm): Wha u doin

No response from me.


Seandian (3:27 am): I want to see u now..we rein e 13 & brdway

I don't respond, as I'm asleep and assume he doesn't mean that he reins over the intersection of 13th and Broadway.

Seandian (2:40 pm): Do u want to hangout tonight?

Recognizing the no response method isn't working, I actually text back.

Me (2:45 pm): No thank you. I have plans.

Seandian (2:46 pm): U welcome.


Seandian (5:03 pm): How r u stranger?

Uhhh you're only supposed to call someone "stranger" if the person is not, in fact, a stranger.

I don't respond. I'm watching The Time Travelers Wife. Maybe if he told me he was a time traveler I'd go on a date with Seandian.

Seandian (5:24 pm): Call me I want to tell u sthg.

Right, and I have a secret to tell you...come closer...closer...

I don't respond.


Seandian (2:36 pm): I want to hug u

You can't always get what you want, Seandian, but if you try sometimes you'll find you get what you need.

I'll let you know if there's more to report. He's been quiet for over 48 hours...


Anonymous said...

Wow, he goes out with a bang doesn't he?

edex said...


Katherine Long said...

He is being so coy, and playing hard to get, no?

Anonymous said...

How difficult was it to type all that in? Thank you for sharing. ;-)

Elizabeth said...


Cheese said...

HOLY MOLY Bits - I have to write about old Dean-o!

Dish This! said...

HAHA omg I am so glad you are back and writing. This is soooo funny.