Thursday, September 3, 2009


Hey guys -

Thanks for responding to yesterday's post - I love that this baby has followers that are so funny! I decided I'm going to add a poll each week, asking a "Would you rather" question related to dating/this blog (look to the right).

Results will be revealed in a weekly post and I would love if you'd share feedback, rationale for your answer, etc.

It's not like the only whackos are in New York - so I know you people all over the good ol' GLOBE (WIS is international, folks!) can relate - keep on sharing your stories!



Kelly Gou said...

Good ole USA? You think the US has the market cornered on skeevy guys? Nope. I live in Ontario and I have seen my share of icky dudes.
Hows about the seriously nasty guy who told me I was "looking good" (with a raise of an eyebrow--ultra ew)in the grocery store? This was only bizarre and skeevy because I was 8 months pregnant! My husband suggested I pursue a career in fetish porn after that encounter- I declined.

Cheese said...

WORD! I updated the post...didn't realize we had readers in the great white north!

Kelly Gou said...

Its not so great and its not so white, but it is the North :-)
The weight of Canadian representation is on my shoulders--can I handle it? I hope so.

Anonymous said...

Cheese, you've got to start sharing some of YOUR international stories!!!