Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Riddle Me This...

Would you rather date a sober homeless guy if he had a good sense of humor and an exceptional ability to juggle a variety of unexpected objects (I'm thinking traffic cones, bike locks, shoes - you know, stuff hobos have access to) OR a rich, rude i-banker with a bad attitude? You have to pick one.

And what's the rationale for your pick?

Don't think I won't be weighing in, too.


Kelly Gou said...

Totally the rich dude, only because I would imagine he might introduce me to some cool friends of his. The homeless guys would of course increase the numbers of homeless people I knew, but I havent been looking to increase that number lately.
Plus, imagine how it would hurt to be hit with an errant bike lock if the juggling got out of hand?

Anonymous said...

I cant really argue with Kelly's reasoning. She makes a series of good points.

However, I've always wanted to learn how to juggle.

Cheese said...

Um. Hilarious. To play devil's advocate here: how likely is it the i-banker's friends will be cool? and if the hobo is a juggler extraordinaire, how likely is it he's going to literally knock you out in the process?

Keep 'em coming folks.

Kelly Gou said...

Cheese, I would rather take my chances with a bunch of potential d-bag i-bankers than run the risk of a bike lock to the noggin'.
Also, if the hobo juggler is really that extraordinary then why isnt he on a reality program showcasing his talent and winning some bank? Just sayin.

kaedy said...

At first I thought I'd choose the rich guy because I've had plenty of being the breadwinner in relationships. But since it's just "dating," I pick the fun and funny homeless guy, as long as I don't have to be sober!