Monday, October 26, 2009

Facebook Chat = The Devil

Boy: still up for hanging out Friday?

Boy: Friday still good?

Me: yeah

I didn't mean it

Boy: Cool- hope I didn't offend u the other when I said u should wear something that shows off your legs

Right it wasn't awkward at all to hear that from someone I've never met and is basing his comment on a picture of my legs in a skirt...standing on a bar.

Me: Nah

Boy: Ok good- just checking cause u left right after- wasn't sure

Yup...connect the dots...go on...

Boy: So would u do that for me?

Me: Wear a skirt?

Boy: So would u do that for me? Yea

Boy: It would def be hot if u wore a skirt :)

Boy: Got kicked off- missed if u said anything

Me: Oh no - watching Glee at the same time

Yeah, that's right - Glee is awesome. And again, dude, if you make that many comments and I'm not responding - I'm CHOOSING to watch Glee instead of respond. Kinda hoping you'll retract the request.

Boy: It’s cool

Thank goodness.

Boy sends me an e-mail asking if he can call when I get signed off. I sign back on 30 min later. During that time, I reflected a bit and decided Helloooo you're not interested in this dude. Let him go - set him free to roam the world of online dating.

Boy: Ok to call u?

Here it comes, bud.

Me: you know, I’m sorry but I think you're a little too forward for me old fashioned...or maybe I’m too conservative for you hah

Boy: I’m sorry - I was just being playful

Me: Totally understand and that's fine

Don't want homie to feel like a complete jackass...

Boy: I’d like to hang out and get to know u. maybe I just got carried away.

Or maybe you're hell bent on making this more drawn out and uncomfortable than it needs to be.

Me: Actually I think it's more me - just not totally hip to the being suggestive to people I don't really know. (Probably why I’ve found myself on match haha)

It's not you, it's me...isn't that supposed to work?

Boy: I hear ya- I’ll tone it down. Deal?


Me: I don’t want you to have to censor - maybe better to part ways

Boy: That’s not all I’m about. I’m cool with hanging out and talking- I can keep the flirting much milder :)

Um, is that an emoticon?

Me: I’m sorry I don't date guys who use emoticons hahh

Hey, I was just trying to lighten the mood and send a message.

Boy: Why don’t we talk on the phone and give that a shot. If u still don’t wanna hang out I’ll give up

Me: I’m sorry - just don't think it will work out. Really wish you luck though

Boy: I feel dumb now- I wanted to get to know u and I fucked up

Me: Please don't feel dumb

Boy: You don’t really know me- there’s no harm in having a conversation. Don’t make me beg!

Me: Haha I mean, I’m pretty awesome, but not worth begging for

Boy: One phone call and I promise if u don’t wanna talk after I’ll leave u alone for good

Me: Hah at this point I think it will just be awkward. I don't want you to feel badly about how this has gone down. You seem like a nice guy, just don’t think it's going to work out. Good luck!

Boy: Alrighty I don’t think it would be but guess I won’t change your mind. I only flirted like that cause I thought u liked it

Me: I understand

Boy: I’ll try u in a couple weeks - maybe it'll be better then - good night

Me: G'night


Rebecca said...

Oh man, I don't miss this stuff at all and I'm not looking forward to it again! Glad you dodged a bullet there!

Anonymous said...

Oh what you have to look forward to in a few weeks!!!

Dish This! said...

ahhh so awkward!

Kelly Gou said...

Are they giving out free lobotomys in NYC these days? What is wrong with men?