Friday, October 9, 2009

Jury's Almost Out!!!

Don't know that the title makes perfect sense, but here's the message: Grand Jury Duty ends TODAY!

That means "Why I'm Single" is coming back.

What to expect:
  • A conspiracy theorist
  • A salsa-dancing peer pressurer
  • The re-emergence of Seandian
  • 50% off sushi dinner
  • Additional running cat-calls
Stay tuned!! And thanks for being patient while I complete my civic duty.


Elizabeth said...

Oh the suspense!!

Kori said...

so glad you're back!

Anonymous said...

woo hoo!!!

Kelly Gou said...

And it is about fricking time..... please tell me other jurors made daily comments about your funbags....did they, did they?

Kelly Gou said...

11 days later and NOTHING! Cheese, you tease!

Cheese said...

Back with a vengeance today kiddos