Friday, October 23, 2009


Mr. Nice-y Pants chose the wrong day to send his e-mail to me about my fig'r. While I typically choose to ignore, this time I chose to respond.

You're not mistaken, I do have a big chest. Pretty self conscious about it, too. I posted pictures of more than just my face so people wouldn't think I'm just a floating head or have 7 arms. When I posted those pictures, I was afraid I'd get attention simply because of my shape.

While I am an hourglass shaped girl, there's nothing bombshell-ish about me. Kinda a tomboy, down to earth, not at all a girls gone wild type. Sometimes my figure leads to misconceptions about my personality.

I'm not sure what message you're trying to get across in your e-mail other than to let me know you like large chests. To that I say, I'm flattered that you like my figure but highly recommend you keep those comments to yourself when you're talking to a girl who has a big (natural) chest until you've developed some sort of common ground.

I apologize if this comes across as rude - I think I just managed to get this e-mail from you after a string of guys making similar comments (as you mentioned in your e-mail) and it's just frustrating to so consistently feel like I'm not taken seriously.

What would you have said to this a-hole?


Anonymous said...

Um, I love that you think that was rude. What would I have said...

F**K OFF!!!

Kelly Gou said...

I would have written back and said "Please check the Lost and Found for your filter. Clearly you misplaced it before you tapped out that ridiculously offensive email you just sent me."

What a douche. You were WAY too nice.

Courtney Jonas said...

I agree you were way to nice. Not to sure when men decided they could start talking to women in this way but we need to start standing up and telling them it's inappropriate and not going to be tolerated. Way to go!