Thursday, October 22, 2009


So, I was debating which of the many stories to kick this bad boy off with - started a few different posts and then had this e-mail come through on

This guy's username references what a stand up dude he is: NicestGuyInTheWholeWideWorld - or something like that. He shot a wink my way and sent a nice e-mail. I responded - he wrote back. Hadn't gotten back to him while I was on jury duty (believe it or not, was not my #1 choice for how to pass the little free time I had).

As I was half way through what I thought would be today's post, I received this e-mail from him.


i know we havent emailed each other much but i thought i would be up front and honest.

I came across your profile and read the entire thing. i then checked out your pics and noticed you seem to have a very large chest. this got my attention plus the fact you have a very cute face.

I happen to have a thing for females who are very top heavy. bottom heavy is fine too, but i just have my preferences.

I am sorry if this offends you or ruins your out look. but i am just being honest. i am sure you get lots of attention from guys because of that. if i am wrong all together, then i apologize for my behavior.


A few things:

1) Gotta give this idiot SOME credit for being honest
2) I'm taking down any pictures that reveal anything other than my face
3) Are there this many motherless or sisterless guys out there that they think this is appropriate behavior?
4) "Regards" - SERIOUSLY??? Why save the formality for the sign off?

If this is what the "nice guys" are turning into then Lord help us all!


Anonymous said...

I guess I'd be shocked if I didn't know this happened to you often (see melon post).

MEN, spread the word, manners are not dead!!!

Elizabeth said...

My good friend was recently told by this new breed of nice guys, "Listen, I really like you and want to spend time with you, but if you don't hook up with me tonight, then someone else will."

Honest, with a punch of rude...the newest addition to hit the market..