Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2010 WIS Resolutions!

Well, well, well - you probably thought I forgot that I have a blog. I did not.

It's a new year folks, which means extra motivation and all that jazz! I've started a new job (woohoo), moved into a new apartment (yipee) and signed a new lease on life. This all means, it's time to start blogging again!

Two of my New Year's resolutions revolve around Why I'm Single, and here they are:

1) Post at least once a week - baby steps, ok? If I "pledge" to post every day, I'm doomed to failure and bi-monthly posts.

2) Why I'm Single Memoir - yup. I'm going compile these nightmares and attempt to turn them into a memoir.

Look forward to your Wednesday mornings, gang, Why I'm Single is BAAAAACK.


Anonymous said...


My NY Resolution is to comment on your blog.

Elizabeth said...

Phew, missed my WIS fix! Happy New Year!

Kelly Gou said...

And not a moment too soon--- I have missed you and your dating torments!

Miss Alpha said...

Weekly is very admirable! Good luck :)