Monday, March 14, 2011


This gem came from a good pal of mine who recently joined PlentyofFish - a website I still get weekly matches from despite my attempts to unsubscribe. Enjoy!

I went on the blind date last night with a guy and it was terribly interesting. He ended up being exactly like his emails, funny and sarcastic. He's at least 6'1", maybe taller, built and kinda nerdy-cute with Clark Kent glasses. BUT, get this, he's got more phobias and issues than anyone I have ever met:
  • he doesn't go in the ocean because of sharks
  • he's afraid of heights
  • he gets sea sick and car sick
  • he’s vegetarian/vegan because he loves animals
  • he has asthma
  • he refuses do drink beer or wine - only booze
  • the only vacation he's ever really been on was to Disney World two years ago
  • he loves Comicon and Star Wars (the home image on his phone is Anakin Skywalker after he became Darth Vader)
  •  he was obese as a child so he doesn't ever over-eat and that's why he initially became vegetarian to lower his cholesterol
  • he doesn’t eat junk food. Ever.
  • he grew up in Staten Island and has all kinds of problems with that (especially that his parents are racist)
  • his best friend may be gay and he's worried about that because his friend won’t admit it
  • he's obsessed with fish (like as pets) and has a huge fish tank in his apt. 
  • he's furious people think he's a certain ethnicity because of his last name (maybe the apple doesn't fall so far from the tree) 
What is the weirdest thing you ever discovered about someone on a first date? Was it enough to keep you from going on a second date? And yes, there will be a second date for my friend...can't wait to tell you all how it goes!


Elle Grace - Miss. City Girl said...

Why on earth would she go on a second date with him... unless of course she's like me and find the whole thing amusing and has nothing else better to do. (We've all been on those dates... dont' kid yourself!)
Great Post!
E xx

Anonymous said...

As WhyIAmSingle taught me, you always give someone a second chance!! And hey, introducing friends to new things is one of my favorite things about being a human!

singlemuchny said...

Omg. I almost give ANYONE a second chance but I must admit this one would be tough. I'm mildly obsessed w/ beer and the guy I just started seeing hates it. That alone was scary but this list has got to top anything. I hope he wins her over!

Anonymous said...

Um, he has an unconventional an undertaker's assistant. Deal breaker? Maybe, but I'll take time to NOT think about it first.

{Boy}Crazy Heart said...

She's going on another date with him?!?! Please give the second date update. :)

trininista said...

Toooooo many issues!!!

Anonymous said...

This was so freaking hilarious. I would totally give him a second chance just because he is so quirky and interesting. I meet the most boring guys on the planet so the fact that this dude is a freak of nature would intrigue me.

Such a funny and honest post!


Serial Dater (

Anonymous said...

I had a date that told me he used to have nipple rings - yikes!

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